On The Subject of Feeling Happy…..

Found this on the Until Death Do We Part  facebook page……(don’t seem to be able to share the link to FB??….hmmmm)


I didn’t watch the podcast, but did read the article.  I never really thought of myself as an extrovert, but I’m definitely not an introvert either…..

How do people perceive us grievers?  How do other grievers perceive grievers?  We ALL know there is no right or wrong way to grieve…..

Does it even matter what other people think?  I, personally, don’t think it does.  We really struggle those first few months…..maybe some struggle for many more months.  At whatever point on our grief rollercoaster ride we are able to accept our new life for whatever it is, it doesn’t mean we are grieving any less than someone who still hasn’t reached that point.  Do people think you’ve “gotten over it” because you’re able to have a good time…..laugh and have fun?

So true!

So true!

Should someone who has reached that acceptance stage, and is moving on with their life, try and help someone who is still struggling?

On a happy note….yes, I am happy today…so far…..today is Friday, I have only 47 days of work left J until I retire, and it’s supposed to be sunny and fairly mild the next couple of days.  All this makes me a happy camper!   But we all know that can change in a second…..



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