Those Cables……

I did it!  It was way worse than I thought……just so many of them….what could they all possibly be for??  I feel like playing that Queen song “We Are The Champions” over and over again……

I put tags on the cables and thanks to a couple of people that had the great suggestion of taking a picture of the mess first, and with a phone call to my daughter, I was able get the PVR/cable box hooked back up so it would still record my Downton Abbey tonight!  Phew!!!



The other zillion cables are for the DVD player, surround sound and the 1000 or so speakers that are apparently hooked up, or were hooked up.  I can live without the DVD for now and the TV sounded just fine to me….and it worked, which was all I was concerned about.  Apparently, if I ever want to watch Top Gun again, without all those speakers, it won’t be the same……oh well!

Just plain old scary!!

Just plain old scary!!

Now that everything is exposed and just hanging there at the moment, I’m going to take some time today and get each cord/wire/cable wrapped up with twist ties.  Right now it’s like a snake pit and I have no idea what is what.  The kids can sort the rest of it out next time they come over.   This wire/cable mess, was just so not like Ken.  We had the TV before he got sick but added the various other bits and pieces along the way the last few years.  Maybe he just wanted to get everything hooked up and would deal with whatever later.  I don’t know.  I know now that some of the speakers are in the ceiling….so deciding to keep those ceiling tiles….assuming I’m going to leave the speakers in there….makes sense.  Just how many speakers I really need, I don’t know that either.

The good news is that once everything else was out of the way, I put the base cabinet together and it fits in that spot just perfectly!  I was a happy camper last night as I headed out the door to a friend’s for dinner.  Seen I was walking I treated myself to an extra couple glasses of wine!

I’m off this AM with friends to visit a travel agent to see if this trip/tour advertised is as good as it sounds……will tell all once I know more.



2 thoughts on “Those Cables……

  1. Way to go, Linda! I’m encouraged now that if and when I face the same dilemma, I too can do it. My problem will be having to lie on the floor with my head in a drawer space. Or maybe I will just call the Geek Squad again. They are the ones who figured it out the last time. You are my encouragement as I watch my husband’s decline. What a life we live.

    Deb from SmartPatients

    • Thanks Deb. I CAN DO IT! That’s my new motto. I never, ever thought I’d be faced with some of this stuff, but getting them done, on my own or with a little help, gives me such a sense of accomplishment. And truly after years of caregiving, some of these things are trivial in comparison. I’m not a terribly patient person either, so waiting for someone to do it on their schedule doesn’t always work with mine. We’re a tough bunch, us caregivers…..we have determination and we’ve acquired a lot of strength along the way. I think we’re a great bunch….we are alway there to encourage each other through whatever we face because who else can truly appreciate the job we have!

      I hope Jim is doing better and able to get home soon. I know how difficult it can be when they’re in the hospital. It can take it’s toll so I hope you have some help and are taking care of yourself too.

      Take care.

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