Throwback Thursday



The scratches are not on the car….it’s an old scratchie picture….Ken would never have left marks like that on a car.  He loved his sports cars….

The last few days have been just beautiful weatherwise.  Bright, sunny and reasonably warm for this time of year.  Perfect for driving around in a sports car with the top down!

In the sporty car days, it didn’t really matter what it was like outside, the top was usually always down, unless it was absolutely pouring.  It didn’t matter if it was freezing, even snowing a bit was OK.  When the weekends came along we were off somewhere.

Not sure exactly what time of year this pic was taken but based on the tree in the background, I’d think pretty early in the year.  It was a nice day and probably fairly warm, so I’m sure we were either just coming back or heading out somewhere.  This was the lane behind his parents house…..maybe we were just going to visit them!

This TR6 was our last sports car.  It did many trips up into the interior and down the Oregon and California coasts.  We took it to San Francisco on our honeymoon.   We got sunburned so bad, but still didn’t put the top up…..we bought big hats and wore sweaters to save our shoulders.

a picture of a picture!  We were leaving for our honeymoon......a picture of a picture! We were leaving for our honeymoon……

Lots of good times back then…….


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