I’m Almost Glad It’s Monday!

I had a busy weekend.  Add in the excitement of the plugged drain and it was almost too much!   At least I know what’s waiting for me at work!

I’m hoping I can get to those cable today after work so I can get back to the built-in project.

Is this whole new normal any different for men?  I’ve often wondered if it’s any easier in the sense that most, or at least many, would be more than capable of dealing with the day to day type maintenance or plumbing issues that women come across.

From an emotional perspective I know it would be the same….the sense of loss, emptiness and all that.  Coping with being alone, cooking, cleaning I’m sure present the same things that we all come across.

Our friend Rob lost his wife when his boys were just 2 and 3 years old.  Lynn was a wonderful wife and mother….her boys were everything in her world….and a friend that would have done absolutely anything for you.  We all invited him for dinners and continued to do all the things we did before, camping, day trips etc.  He had a good family support network which I’m sure helped him manage the day to day things, like daycare for the boys.  He cooked every night….he could get very creative….I remember him telling us how the boys loved cans of baked beans or spaghetti with vegetable soup mixed in!!   This happened so long ago and we were so young, with little kids of our own, we knew it must have been hard, but I just can’t even imagine now what he went through back then, losing her AND having two small children.

He could unplug a drain and fix a toilet, he could repair the back stairs, fix bikes, change furnace filters, he could fix his car!  Does that help one get through this?  I look at these things a huge obstacles that I have to get through.  I don’t have to fix all this myself of course…..and certainly can’t fix my car.  I can make a mountain out of a mole hill when this stuff happens…..I know I shouldn’t but on top of everything else that I feel, this adds frustration into the mix.

That is how I felt this weekend…..frustrated!  The sink, the cables….there are just some things that I can’t get my head around and it’s too much work to think about it BUT it has to be done and I guess this is pretty basic stuff that it doesn’t hurt to know about.

Yes, tonight I will tackle those damn cables once and for all……lets all hope I can get it all back together so I can watch the Downton Abbey that I pvr’d last night!!



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