Yes, We Have No……

Phyllo pastry! Major grocery store…..and they have none? There was a section for it but there was nothing there…..all gone. I stopped on the way home to pick up the stuff for my appies so I wouldn’t be rushing around this morning. It was already almost 8 (worked late!) and I just didn’t feel like running all over the place to find some. Quick change of plan… taking frozen spring rolls!

So the good part is this will free up a couple hours of my time today. Just how should I use it?

I should probably clean my house and do some laundry but I think I’m going to tackle the wires, cords and cables connected to the TV. This is one task that seems monumental to me….Ken would have had everything apart, and back together in 5 minutes. This will probably take me hours. I could wait for one of the kids but if I want stuff done when I want, I’ll have to do it myself won’t I!

Stuff like this frustrates me. I think learning how to do all this myself is good and an important part of my new normal. I don’t want to have to rely on others to do things that WE would have done before. I’ve liked doing just about everything that I have done so far….I’ve wanted to know how to do it, or how something works but this TV cable business has always frustrated me. I just want to hit one button and turn the TV on….not two or three or combinations of buttons. I don’t know what all those cable do or care as long as the TV works.

Happy times.....grandpa in his recliner.

Happy times…..grandpa in his recliner.

I’ve also got to move the recliner, again. This time I’ll move it somewhere that it can stay for a while until I decide what to do with it……

Edited this post to add my horoscope for today…which I just read…
• Capricorn
Your natural single-mindedness drives you to finish a task before starting a new one. Unfortunately, the current circumstances may not be so accommodating and you could be forced to begin another project before you are ready. But don’t be too quick to judge what’s best for your future. Instead, let go of your expectations and just see what happens next. Sometimes, not having a plan set in stone enables you to make more out of an unexpected change of events. Flexibility is your friend.




2 thoughts on “Yes, We Have No……

  1. If you haven’t already tackled this, here are a couple of things that I do before. (BEFORE!) you start. First of all, mark each cable with a little label or coloured tape with a note of where it goes. Second, take a few pictures of where the cables go. It really helps figure things out when it comes to putting plugs back.

    • Thank you Bonny! Taking a picture is an excellent idea. I was going to mark the cables and the backs of the PVR and/or cable box but a picture is worth a 1000 words isn’t it! I’m glad now I didn’t get to this today…..a new household dilemma reared it’s ugly head, but now I know a lot about plumbing!

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