Throwback Thursday

Scan0030Hawaii was one of Ken’s favourite places. Over the years we’d vacationed on all the main touristy islands but Maui was still the go to place for us.

Our first ever trip to Hawaii was to Oahu. We split that trip into two parts…..the first week was on the north shore and the second in Waikiki. That worked really well. One rather quiet week away from all the hustle and bustle and then one week right in the middle of it all.

Once we’d picked up our rental car and gotten to our hotel (Hilton Turtle Bay…we used the Entertainment Book to get a great discount!), we really felt like we were in Hawaii. There was Hawaiian music playing, everyone was dressed in flowery shirts and mumus/muumuus, most of the women had a flower tucked in behind their ear. We did all the touristy things up at that end of the island….the Polynesian Cultural Centre, watched the surfing competitions that were going on at the Pipeline, eat shrimp from the shrimp trucks, Sea Land and whatever else was going on. Then the next week it was Waikiki….we walked and walked, played in the sand and surf, Diamond Head, the zoo, shopped till we dropped. It was a good, typical Hawaiian vacation. BUT we had a lot of rain……A LOT! There were tractor things on the beach building sand dykes because the waves were washing through pool areas and even into some of the lobbies of the beach front hotels. Restaurants were flooded. Lots of wind too….palm tree tops ripped off, some toppled over. The governor declared a state of emergency! So some excitement for sure. We decided that Maui, which doesn’t get nearly the rain that Oahu does, would be our next trip.

This pic is from one of our Maui trips. It was Ken’s brothers first time to Hawaii. It’s not quite the same when you rent a condo…..there is no one playing Hawaiian music, no one in mumus to greet you…..just not that…..”ah sigh, I’m really in Hawaii” feeling. So we decided to take them to a luau….the ultimate Hawaiian experience….if you haven’t already been to a couple! They really enjoyed themselves and I have to admit, it was fun too, even though we’d done it before. There was another couple, around the same age as all of us, sitting at our table….I don’t remember where they were from, but somewhere in the US. They were celebrating the end of her chemo treatments….I don’t remember what kind of cancer she had. She still looked rather frail and was wearing a really pretty head scarf, so her hair hadn’t grown back. They had never been to Hawaii before and were really enjoying themselves.

After we were seated but before all the action started, Ken went off somewhere, to the washroom I had thought…..but when he came back he had bought leis for us girls, including our table companion. That was just the kind of guy he was……she cried and thanked him so much.

We had been out shopping at one of the markets earlier in the day and Ken had bought the shirt he’s wearing. It was one of his favorites…..I think it came on every tropical type trip we went on after that. I still have that shirt…..I still have most of his shirts for that matter…..this is why some of his “stuff” is so hard to part with.

I seen a neat idea on Facebook. Someone had taken a bunch of shirts and made pillow covers out of them. Instead of a zipper or velco opening, they had used the front part of the shirt with the buttons. The person had made a pillow from her husbands shirts for each of her kids. I could do that! I want to keep some of this stuff but what do you do with a bunch of shirts and t-shirts? I have a friend who said she’d help with a quilt, which would be nice and maybe now I’ll think about making a couple of those pillow covers too. When I’ll do this, who knows but once I retire I’ll need things to keep me busy and maybe this is one more thing I can add to the list.



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