The Blocks Worked!

Almost perfectly but…..I’m not sure if I like it right up to the ceiling! Ah sigh…..just like everything else these days…..making a decision or choice is a challenge.

I think I need to take a step back for a few days on this project. There is so much other stuff around here that needs doing… laundry! Staying focused on a project is a good thing BUT I think I get little too absorbed (really say obsessed!) in whatever and start to get my priorities a little skewed.

I’ve got a very busy weekend coming up so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to work on the built-ins, which probably isn’t a bad thing until I get sorted out exactly what I do like……which I thought I had already done but…..apparently not! As much as I want to get this done, it’s not going to happen overnight…..I know that! The built-ins are just part of the reno down there, still so much other stuff to do. Patience…..

I’m busy at work, which is a good thing and I like what I’m doing, at least at the moment. Not many days left really after you take away the statutory holiday days and vacation days that I have……I’ll have all the time in the world then to do all the things I want to do.

There are some things though that I can’t put off….I have to start thinking about calling First Memorial to get some of Ken’s ashes packaged the right way for transporting on an airplane. I should probably get that done sooner than later as time just seems to be flying by……all the things I put off last week to do this week now need to be done.

All this “to do” stuff is so easy to just put off when there’s only you to do it. Finding excuses to not do certain things is no problem for me because there always seems to be something else that can be done instead. It’s much easier when there are two of you….I used to be able to “delegate” jobs to Ken….much more got accomplished then.

Sometimes I think this is the hardest part of getting used to my “new normal”. Lots of people live by themselves and have done so for years…….how do they manage? It’s no different for me really, except that I hadn’t lived on my own…ever! This is one of the biggest adjustments for me…..I guess have to “train” myself because it isn’t coming to me naturally….that’s for sure! Maybe if I get myself better organized…….hmmmm.



2 thoughts on “The Blocks Worked!

  1. Linda I’m cheering for you! so glad you found a way to make the shelves work! Thank goodness for the Home Depot guys, they’ve saved many a project for me.
    There are so many little chores/fixes I need to do at our place, and I’m so physically limited at the moment, that all this putting off feels frustrating. I just have to remind myself, the big priorities (shelter, meals, heat) are all in place and the rest will get done when they get done.
    But I’m excited to watch you putting your big project in action, and looking forward to the ‘after’ shots.

    • Thanks Mary! I’m not very speedy with these projects, but will get some pics as I go along to mark my progress. So many things just didn’t get done around here either, for a long time,but these things just weren’t priorities back then. You’re right….we had all the essentials and that’s what was important. I understand the frustration though. Most of the time I just never noticed….I was busy enough….but sometimes when I did take a look around I’d wonder when things had gotten to the state they were and try and tackle some of it. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing….all that other stuff is just that….it’ll still be there when you’re ready.


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