Throwback Thursday

25 or so years ago......

22 years ago……

We don’t get a lot of snow around here except up on the local mountains. There’s some dandy skiing, both downhill and cross-country that can be done.

Many, many years ago, we had some friends that were ski instructors. They talked us into getting out there and giving it a try. The day Ken and I went up to one of the mountains it was snowing and blowing so hard, you could hardly see 5 feet in front of you. It was snowing sideways!! That was a bit of a disaster and we figured downhill (snowboarding wasn’t even someones dream back then….) skiing just wasn’t for us.

Years later, one of our kids went on a school cross-country field trip…..I went too as a teachers helper. I loved it and thought this would be the kind of skiing that I COULD do! It seemed relatively safe….less chance of breaking something….doing this!

We were all gung-ho for a while, going up the mountain a few times getting a feel for it, renting equipment before going and spending a ton of money on all the stuff. We never did end up buying our own. The kids moved on to downhill and eventually snowboarding and Ken and I just stopped going cross-country. I don’t know why….I guess we found other things to do. I do know we had fun!

It was a good family activity while the kids were younger. We’d stop at the little lodge and get hot chocolate and a snack, then we’d trudge our way back out onto the trails. On clear nights the view, of the city below, from up there was spectacular. I wish now we, just Ken and I, had kept doing this…

But we can’t look back! Maybe this is something I could think about doing next year…..once I’m retired…..hmmm.



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