Not Much Time This AM

…to post. I have a conference call with one of the Kidney Cancer Canada ( ) working groups .

It was one of the first online sites I found that provided a lot of great information for us when we really needed it. I became a volunteer in our area as there wasn’t anyone else at the time.

I belong to one of the Working Groups and we have a conference call once a month or so…..that is this morning.

Volunteering hasn’t involved too much really. I made sure there were always brochures in the slots at the cancer agency, gave little cards to the nurses to share with other patients, had the posters put up for any patient education/information sessions. It was the least I could do to for the help KCC gave us. Hopefully all the information they offered would help someone else too. I helped a bit with the organization of the annual conference back in 2013 that was held out west. That was a great experience and gave me the opportunity to meet the some of the people I’d only met over the phone.

I wasn’t sure if I could stay involved after Ken passed away, but I have. It truly doesn’t take a lot of my time and I think it’s such a worthy cause, I’m glad I can contribute something and will continue for as long as I have something of value to offer. I’m not so “up” on everything anymore, and as time goes by, newer meds and treatment options will come along that I’m not familiar with but hopefully I can at least offer support and share some of the experiences that we had with others.

Time for the call!



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