Back to Work…..

Tomorrow…..but now there is less than 4 months left!

After all the eating over the holidays…and probably having a few glasses of wine too many too….I really need to think about getting myself back in shape.

I shouldn’t even say “back” in shape because I haven’t been in shape for years! I used to be in reasonable shape a long time ago.

Getting back in shape doesn’t mean trying to get skinny, or a model body, neither of those will ever happen. For me it just means getting some type of exercise, maybe a little bit of toning (my thighs…..just when did they get like they are???) wouldn’t hurt but I definitely need a good cardio workout and some muscle building.

I had big plans a few months back to start getting into some exercise routine, but didn’t. I don’t remember why, but I’m sure I had some pretty good excuse(s) at the time.

So many things that I have to do now need strength, and I just don’t have that. My hands seem to be the worst. Luckily I don’t have arthritis or carpal tunnel or anything like that, or at least I don’t think I do……but opening jars or trying to tighten anything up seems so difficult now. I also need to get myself in shape for all the projects I have planned and hauling all that junk to the dump. You really do need some muscle to lift some of this stuff instead of breaking everything down into smaller pieces and then making 50 trips back and forth to get it in the truck. Either way now, if I lift too much or make those 50 trips, I pay for it the next day.

So maybe I will make a New Years resolution! I have a treadmill and a recumbent bike, both could be used any time….especially now while it still gets dark so early and the weather being crappy most of the time, walks just are too appealing.

And I have to get back into eating right. I did pretty good for a long time with that too but after my vacation and as things got more and more hectic with Christmas coming up, just grabbing whatever….microwave popcorn….for a quick dinner happened a lot.

I know eating right and getting in some exercise will make me feel better too, mentally and physically. You just seem to have so much more energy when you’re more active. And after these last couple of weeks I have to get myself back onto my normal sleeping schedule…..I’ve been going to bed later and then sleeping later in the morning…..which I know will make getting up for work way more difficult this first week back. And I really don’t want to have that habit when I retire!!

Maybe I’ll start today……I can’t really think of a good excuse not too! At least not yet…..



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