Happy New Year !!!!!

It’s cold out this morning, lots of frost, but the sun is shining so it’s quite nice. I hope this is a good start, to a good year for everyone.

If you’ve had a bad year, everyone hopes the new year will be a better year, which makes sense, for most people. But for us, that lost spouses last year, it’s hard to think about this year being any better, really!

I guess we can think of it as a new beginning. Depending on when you lost your spouse, which in my case was eight months ago, I can hope for some more healing of the hole in my heart and I can hope that I get more used to my new normal. I’ve accepted that this is how it is now, which is a good start, I think. This is it, so I’m determined to make my life a good one.

I never made New Years Resolutions because I knew that I could never have kept them. And I’m not going to start this year either. I’ve already determined, over the last few months, that I need to make my life what it is…..I have to make the effort to make it a good one. No one can do it for me! This upcoming year is a major transition period for me, who the heck knows what it will be like….hopefully good and I’m going to try my hardest to make sure it is, but things will just have to take their course along the way…que sera sera!

We had a great dinner last night and lots of fun playing a game. It did get a bit chaotic after a while….sometimes the rules just don’t sink in for some people, which makes for half the fun. There were lots of laughs, MORE food, lots of drinks and best of all, good company. Midnight came and went, with all the usual hugs and kisses….there was a moment when I had no one and wished so bad that Ken was there to give that kiss too, but it went by very quick. Everyone said, “lets hope for a better year”. I know what they meant but…….

Maybe the worst part IS over……….

So I too will say to everyone……I wish you a Happy New Year and much better year in 2015!



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