Boxing Day….a Bit of a Dud.

T & S came by around 5, so we had time for a quick glass of wine before heading out. Got caught up on their Christmas and the kitchen renos they’ve got happening.

Over the years we’ve always found the best time to be at R & S’s was between 5 – 9. Usually we’d catch everyone that was popping in and out through the day…..and of course all the food that they put out each year….

This year was a bit of a bomb!! Where was everyone? One had been in a motorcycle accident, injured quite badly, so he didn’t show up understandably, but where was everyone else? There were lots of people there but not all those “Christimas time friends”. No one had heard from any of them for months…..I hope they’re all OK! We left just after 9 so I hope we didn’t miss them.

I don’t think we did…..maybe we’re all just getting old and all this Christmas socializing is getting to be too much……

I still had a good time and it wasn’t awkward, nothing to worry about! There weren’t a lot of questions, other than the usual “how are you doing”, so maybe those others not being there was a good thing. But I am sorry I didn’t get to see them or hear all those stories about all the crazy things we all did way back when. That was always fun….”remember that time…..”, “remember when”…….the good old days!

Yesterday was a busy day so kind of glad last night wasn’t a late one. My son and the kiddies spent the afternoon. We started ripping out the old carpet from the family room! The kids were outside on their new bikes most of the time with my daughter so son and I got to work. What a horrid mess that carpet was. This is the start of my next reno project. The plywood subfloor will have to do for now until I can find someone to either build my built-in cabinets or help ME do it! I know there’s a way to retro-fit pre-made ones so will do some on-line research to see how that’s done.

Ken would have known!! And we would have done this ourselves for half the price it would cost to have someone do it for us. How do I know how much it would cost to have them built? I would have to get quotes of course, but how do you know who’s a good contractor or builder? A friends son is in the business and I know he’s good and I know I wouldn’t get ripped off, but he’s really busy and this isn’t a big job……I wouldn’t want to take him away from his real work, just because it’s me. I don’t want a “deal”, I just want it done right and for the right price. These are the dilemmas, trivial as they might seem in the big scheme of things, that I face now… must learn all that “stuff” that I just never had to know about before. Car stuff is even more scary!

I guess it’s all good to know and an important part of my “new normal” but it was never “my job”. Everything is my job now……

Tonight I’m off again……ah sigh. It’s my BIL and SIL’s 25th wedding anniversary party at the other BIL’s place. I’m making some appies and will go over a bit earlier to help them get everything set up. Busy is good at this time of year… least I keep telling myself that!!



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