A Great Christmas


Yes…..we did have a great Christmas. There were definitely moments throughout the day but we had a good time, good food, I had great family and friends with me. Only one thing could have made it better, but that can’t be…….

It was a busy day. All the usual Christmas morning prep getting the turkey ready and in the oven, My daughter and I opened our presents, then headed over to my sons around 10:30 to do presents with the kids. They got so much….and of course we bought them even more….there was hardly any where to walk in the living room. Lots of fun though. My son spent a good part of his time putting together princess houses. We had a delicious baked French Toast brunch.

I got some wonderful little presents that the grandkids had made themselves….I love these presents.

Great presents from my kids as usual….a sweater, a new Pandora bracelet, some more charms and a wine cork holder!! I collect them….why I’m not really sure…..great plans one day for a “girls craft night”, which is just an excuse to get together, drink some wine and have some fun….a little dangerous maybe if a hot glue gun is involved!

Daughter and I were back home by 2…..just enough time to get everything else ready for dinner and to sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine before everyone arrived.

There were five of us for dinner…..I don’t think I’ve ever done a Christmas dinner for just 5!! But for this year, it was enough. Dinner was great….way too much food but Christmas leftovers never go to waste.

Steve and Di got me a bottle of Chateauneuf de pape! Will save that for a special occasion to share with them. A new garlic press from Bev. After dinner we played a fun trivia game called “eye know”. Even Bev stayed late!! Lots of laughs.

spoiled as usual!

spoiled as usual!

…..Thank you all so much for being part of a good Christmas.

Today I’m off to our friend’s annual Boxing Day open house…..this will be interesting! I’m getting a ride with other friends….I think I’ll need a glass of wine or two to get through this…..many people that we do see often enough, but also those “Christmas friends” that we only see once or twice a year, most that I haven’t seen since the C of L back in May…..but I’ll make it through and at the end of the day I’m sure I’ll have had a good time.



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