Last Day of Work

Hooray! It was tough getting up this morning….I’m ready for a couple of good “sleep in” days. I’ll be off until after the New Year.

Everything is done, except the housecleaning, which I’ll get busy on later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. I feel much better when I’m organized….which doesn’t necessarily last too long, so I have to take advantage of it when I am!

I must say I’m quite amazed at how good I feel, at least at this point. I had gotten myself into a bit of a flap/funk over Christmas, that first Christmas, and how difficult it was going to be, but I think I’ve managed pretty good. I’ve kept busy, maybe busier than I should have been, and planned what will hopefully be a good Christmas.

Maybe it’s because it’s been 8 months…..maybe time does heal, a little bit. It is definitely not easy but it’s also not overwhelmed me either. He won’t be in “his spot” on the couch Christmas morning, which will be tough, but our daughter will be here, as usual, so we’ll just have to make the best of it….this is how things are now! We CAN do it! I’m lucky to have her….I can’t imagine spending Christmas morning by myself….that might just be a little too much…

We’ll head over to my sons after breakfast and do presents with the kiddies….that’s always a fun bit of chaos! I know I’ll be very sorry that Ken isn’t here to enjoy this…and I know I’ll choke up then…playing with all the new toys, especially if batteries are involved or something has to be put together, after watching the kids open presents, this was the fun part of the day for him. It hurts that they can’t see Grandpa doing this…..they’re still so little I can only hope that the oldest one remembers him, at least a little.

Christmas cards have “flooded” in, lol…..I have gotten at least another 3 or 4!

Tonight we’re doing our Christmas light tour….hopefully the weather cooperates. Some people put up incredible displays…..I’m glad I’m not the one having to take it all down!



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