Throwback Thursday

This is the time of year for parties…..lots of parties.

Back in the 70’s…..

I don't think he really drank it all.....

I don’t think he really drank it all…..

We used to have so many things to do and go to starting at the end of November. We never liked to miss any of them.

There were work parties, friend’s parties, neighbourhood parties, family partiess and open houses …..every weekend was busy working up to Christmas.

Through the rest of the year, we usually had something going on every second weekend too…..any excuse to get out and get together with people. Sometimes we wished we could just stay home and watch a movie…..we did do more of that once we had kids, but they never slowed us or any of our friends down. We didn’t always “party” of course. We’d have game nights, or spend the day out somewhere, a mystery drive and then dinner wherever we ended up.

In our younger days when we couldn’t afford to do a lot and go to places that were going to cost money, we’d go to someones place or they’d come to ours….all the kids in tow.

Usually the wife that was the designated driver. That has changed now… it’s usually the guys that are the designated drivers……lol. Not that us girls have more than we should, it’s just that who wants to take a chance these days with the tougher drinking and driving laws…..I don’t have a DD anymore so this puts a bit of a damper on imbibing too much, which isn’t a bad thing….at least the next morning!

I miss all that, not just because Ken isn’t here, but because we’ve gotten older….we still have fun of course, but back in those days fun just seemed to happen, no matter where we went or who we were with.



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