Phone Calls and Cards

A couple of phone calls today from people I hadn’t heard from for while! It was so good to chat and catch up. Other than asking how I was doing we chatted just like we’d done before.

One was from S & T. I haven’t talked to them for months…..since just after the C of L. T is one of Ken’s best friends, Ken was best man at their wedding….they’ve been buddies since high school days. We did many great trips with them….most of which were to Hawaii. I think they may have ESP….she told me they were going to Maui in April…..the same time we’ll be there!

We had a lot of good times there with these guys….and I did think about calling and letting them know that we were going and were going to spread some of Ken’s ashes on his favourite beach…..just in case they wanted to join us, but I didn’t. I don’t know why…..I should have. I’m glad they called and I’m glad they’ll be there. I think Ken would have appreciated it.

Ken and T spent many evenings at the BBQ! times!

….fun times!

(Ken usually took all the pictures because I tended to cut everyones head off….this pic is no exception!)


And I’ve gotten more Christmas cards! I have five now….still not nearly as many as usual but better than one. It was when I was throwing the envelopes into the recycling that I noticed there was only my name on them……I hadn’t even noticed that when I was opening them……but that IS how it is now!



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