Throwback Thursday

lm1Forty-one years ago this week, we got engaged! I can’t remember the exact day but it was a couple of weeks before Christmas. This pic was from a little engagement party that my parents threw together.

My Mom and Dad were so excited!! They were very, very happy…..Ken was a good influence on me. Not that I was a wild and crazy girl or anything…..but there were a few times that I did cause them some concern. I was still pretty young so I think they were just glad that getting married would mean that they wouldn’t have to worry about where I was or who I was with…..just all that stuff that a girls parents worry about.

We got engaged at his parent’s house. They were out and we were just sitting around watching a movie. I can’t remember all the details because it was all kind of a blur. I was so excited!! The ring was and is still just as beautiful.

We’d talked about getting married some day, all our friends were either getting married or engaged, but never really made any plans. I remember his parents coming home, lots of hugs and kisses and then we headed off to a party that my parent’s were at…..more hugs and kisses.

That was the best Christmas a girl could have had!



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