Not Quite Back to Normal…

Jaffa....just a 10 minute walk down the beach from Tel Aviv

Jaffa….just a 10 minute walk down the beach from Tel Aviv

Ah sigh….work, laundry, cleaning house….it seems like I was never away! I’m hoping to post a pic or two a day of some of the great places I visited….it was such an amazing trip.

one of the streets in Jaffa

one of the streets in Jaffa

Just before I got home I found out that my daughter was in hospital. They tried to not tell me but I knew from emails and messages that something was up!

She started having severe anxiety attacks….to a point where she wasn’t able to sleep and then subsequently not function properly through the day. She knew she needed to get this dealt with and because of her history of depression, she got her aunt to take her to emergency.

They were excellent and got her admitted and assessed very quickly. Some medication dosage changes and a good dose of sleeping meds have helped a lot along with daily therapy groups. They told her she could go home and come back daily or she could stay until this was sorted out. She chose to stay for at least a few days…..which I think was a good thing.

One of things they have set up for her is grief counselling. She thinks this could be contributing to her anxiety, especially with Christmas coming. I am definitely a bit anxious over that too….but her and I tend to be different in that I try not to cross bridges before I get to them and she does. Who is dealing with this the right way? There really is no “right way” to grieve, right?

It’s one of those things……you think you’ve dealt with it, or are dealing with it. All seems to be good, but have we just covered up everything or continually push it to the back of our mind only for it to get so overloaded that it just blows up one day? Is this going to happen to me?

I have my moments, many of them, at any time, anywhere…..I like to think that letting go, having a good cry or getting melancholy whenever, is the right thing to be happening. I don’t think I’m covering my emotions but I also know, at least for me, that I have to push those thoughts back….I have to carry on…….I can’t change anything….it is what it is, like it or not. Some days or nights on my trip, it would have been so easy to just lock myself away in my room….I did do that one afternoon. But I didn’t like how I felt…..and I didn’t feel any better doing it! I had a little nap, woke up feeling better and got going again.

I hit the pavement running when I got home….this is a good thing for dealing with jetlag!

Great restaurant in a great location in Tel Aviv

Great restaurant in a great location in Tel Aviv

If you are ever in Tel Aviv….I would highly recommend this restaurant. It’s in a great area with lots of beautiful, small craft shops selling everything from clothes to wonderful antiques. Website here also highly rated on Trip Advisor.



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