What an amazing trip! I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m so glad I did this trip…….it’s another first to have gotten through. I was a little worried that a month might be just a bit too long but it wasn’t and it gave me the opportunity to experience a number of different situations….sort of all at once as opposed to them happening one at a time.

I saw so much and learned so much…..not just about the Middle East and all the wonderful people, but about me….being on my own and just how different things are…..some good, some OK, some very emotional, some just not good, some very strange.

Traveling with a great group of people certainly helped. The biggest hurdle the first day or two was all of us slowly getting to know each other and me telling people that I’d lost my husband back in April. I really only had to tell a couple of people and the word got around. There was a couple who’d also lost their first spouses a number of years ago…..it was good to see that life does go on. We chatted a few times and it was reassuring to know that you never forget. Losing a spouse does change your life….but continuing to live YOUR life to the fullest is important too.

We did so much…..thank goodness for my journal so I could keep the days and places straight.

I did manage to get a good nights sleep in my own bed last night, but jet lag is kicking in big time right now. It’s really hard to just not crawl back into bed but I have to avoid doing that if I’m ever going to get my internal clock back on schedule. A 12 hour time difference is tough.

Over the next couple of days I’m hoping to sort through the zillion pictures I took and post about some of my experiences. For now though, I have to get myself up and moving…..reality has set back in and things like grocery shopping, feeding the cats and doing laundry are at the top of my to do list.

My treat after visiting the tower!

My treat after visiting the tower!

Who knew that there would be a Tim Hortons at the Dubai Mall!! I didn’t have any dirhams, only Omani rials, which they do take but the cashier got a little confused. The manager came over and said the exchange rate would be way too much…..he handed me my iced cap and told me to go and enjoy it!! Just one example of kindness that I experienced everywhere I went. So thank you Tim Hortons!



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