First “Singles” Get Together EVER!

And I’m afraid the last……..the girls talked me into going!  It’s all a little too much at this point in my life….all these people were “expert” singles.   But it was interesting and a bit of learning experience….,so all good to know….I guess!

I’ve met a lot people in my travels around the ship and on deck.  The trip is really amazing.  I’m hoping I can get some pics downloaded.  The internet does seem to work…at least for a while, then you get kicked out and lose whatever you’ve already typed….argh.  Egypt is a very sad country….their tourism is really hurting right now and they are suffering badly.  We’re on route to Djibouti and will arrive there tomorrow around dinner time.

Formal night was last night……THAT was really an odd experience.  Not a bad one but very strange getting ready for something like that all by yourself…..definitely felt like half of me was missing!  It was!!  We had a nice dinner with our tour group which was fun and then met the captan after…..had a pic taken so should find where they keep those to see if it’s worth buying.



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