Petra and a Camel

That first glimpse as you are coming through the siq is amazing!   You just know you’re going to see it in a second, but it really does almost take your breathe way when you get that first peek.  I told Connie I would cry and I did…….she gave me a big hug…..a real hug.  I needed it!

The first glimpse.......

The first glimpse…….

The site is huge and there is just so much to see you truly don’t know where to look.  I gave up trying to write about it in my journal and just made a note to refer to the book I bought.

Our tour guide has been excellent.  He timed everything so that we missed the crowds right when it opened.  He’s extremely knowledgable and is very proud of his country and the history that goes with it.  It is a 1.6 mile walk into the site and then at least another 2 miles of site to cover…..and then there is only one way out…..the same way you came in!  We were there from 8:30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

Some of us opted for a dinner/cooking class last night, which was lots of fun.  Hands on chopping, dicing, stirring and then eating.  The amount of food you get here is almost ridiculous…’s good though and very healthy.

It was a long day but worth every minute of it.

Today we headed south and spent the afternoon at Wadi Rum, which is where Lawrence of Arabia spent most of his time in Jordan and where the movie was filmed.  We had a great time driving around the desert in the back of pickup trucks!  We were then treated to tea and a camel ride at a Beduoin camp.

Had to do it....right!

Had to do it….right!

Jordan is a beautiful country.  Incredibly friendly people and really a pretty safe place to travel…..we have seen many people on their own and of course a lot of tour groups.

We have two more nights in Jordan and then we fly to Egypt to join the cruise.  I’m looking forward to semi-unpacking for a couple of weeks……one or two nights here and there is really a bit of pain.

I will have one more night that I know I should have internet access but after that I don’t know…..I know I can get it on the ship but apparently the satellite connections are not always the best.

This trip has been great so far…..I have a super traveling buddy in Connie and just about everyone else in our group is great.  Lots of fun and lots of laughs……which is a really good thing!



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