We arrived yesterday afternoon and are staying in a beautiful hotel called the Beit Zaman.   Last night after dinner we did Petra by Night.  Absolutely beautiful!  The trail, which is a mile and half (downhill!) was lit with candles……very nice.  Then you get a peak of the Treasury through the siq and it truly takes your breath away.  I cried!

I’m so sorry that Ken couldn’t see this…..maybe he is somewhere!  Lots of tears last night…..

This trip has been incredible.  Everyone should have to visit the Middle East.  The people are incredibly lovely and are wonderful to talk to.

Internet has been iffy, sometimes the connections leave a bit to be desired other times it’s only available in the lobby or restaurant so not ever sure when and if I’ll be able to post.

They keep us very busy on this tour, which is OK, but very tiring really.  I would love to have some free time just to wonder around….it’s actually pretty safe most places.

I also haven’t had time to get anymore pictures loaded but will hopefully get to that tonight……after my cooking class/dinner.

Today we visit Petra by day… will be a long day but I can’t wait!



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