Made It Safe And Sound

Tel Aviv from Jaffa

Tel Aviv from Jaffa

Arrived yesterday (Tuesday in Tel Aviv) around 11:30am. A rather long but uneventful flight.

Once I was on the plane in Toronto and really on my way, I started to feel a lot better about the whole thing. All the apprehension seemed to go….I felt much more relaxed…I was really on my way, no more decisions or thinking about it…it was finally happening.

The hotel is lovely…..right across from the beach. We had a bit of a rest and then headed out to explore. Went through the Ha Carmel market, which had some beautiful fresh produce and incredibly fragrant spices…..all mixed in with clothes and household goods.

Tel Aviv is not an old city so not a lot too see, we will go with our tour tomorrow to a couple of museums…..the place to go is yo Jaffa, a short 10 minute walk from our hotel. We went on a little underground walking tour with a guide from the info centre, which was really good. Then headed to the marina for a seafood lunch and a glass of wine.

It is NOT cheap here!

The internet connection is a bit iffy depending on where you are in the hotel…but better than not having at all, I guess.



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