Tossing and Turning…..

I had a fun evening with the girls. Lots of catching up to do with S and then of course we got her all caught up on everything that was happening at work!

But……I had two cups of coffee after dinner! I think that was a big mistake.

I dozed off as usual reading my book, but WHAM…as soon as I turned the light out my head went into overdrive. Not once, but twice I got up. Finally at 2AM I took a Benadryl, so who knows what time it was when I did doze off.

It is amazing what goes through your head on nights like this… mind jumps from one thought to another even before the first one is finished. All the things I still need to do before I leave, the stuff I have to print off and make photocopies of…..the next minute I’m thinking about what this Dr or that Dr said…..then to paying my bills while I’m gone, kids will have to email the amounts to me…..then what if I get mugged and my bank/credit cards are gone, will have keep one in this wallet, the other my little change purse….I wonder if I still have that double ring thing that attaches to the wallet and zipper in my purse, if I do where is it…..I have to remember to buy toilet paper….hmmm, did I set the alarm before I went to bed….why did the Dr wait so long to get Ken into a Cardio….I hear it pouring out so I’ve got to get that drain pipe hooked back up, how and when….storage insurance for the Mustang before I leave….I hope the cats will be OK while I’m gone….should I phone BIL to see if he can come over Saturday and help get the stairs finished….I’ve got to get money deposited into the “travel account”……maybe I’ll splurge and upgrade my long flight to business class….don’t forget to charge my Kindle before I leave….why did I take Ken to the local emerg, we should have gone into the bigger hospital….I’ve got to get that reconciliation done for our big client before Friday…..the BBQ and the table on the deck needs to be moved under cover…..I’ve got to remember to pick up extra kitty litter and cat food………and ON AND ON it went just like that! I thought I was going to have a panic attack! I’ve never had one, but I was pretty sure I was getting close….my heart was racing!

Why does this only happen at night? It’s amazing what kind of a state you can work yourself into. This morning, other than being tired, I’m not feeling in a panic at all! It had to have been the coffee that did it… just had to be!

I haven’t had a night like this for a long time, I’m not sure how I’m going to manage on just over 3 hours sleep today. I think I’ll have to warn everyone to keep their distance today!



2 thoughts on “Tossing and Turning…..

  1. That sounds awful! I would highly recommend trying meditation to focus your thoughts at a time like that. I know it sounds easier said than done, but it really does work. And, decaf 🙂

    • Hi Di, I did try my mediation but even that didn’t work….I had just worked myself into such a state. It was awful! I did manage at work today….actually got a lot accomplished amazingly! I’m taking gravol tonight, just need to get a good nights sleep.

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