Throwback Thursday

Birthday boy....with the white socks and sandals!

Birthday boy….with the white socks and sandals!


We celebrated Ken’s 50th birthday at the Karmina Palace in Manzanillo, Mexico. Pics of Karmina Palace (just various website pics…..not mine!)

It was the first all-inclusive resort that we’d ever been too. We went with his two brothers and their wives and we had such a good time! The place was pretty new back then and everything was just beautiful…..the beach left a little to be desired then….it was a work in progress….but the pools and the grounds of the place were gorgeous, huge pool with tropical trees and flowers everywhere. All the rooms were huge and had fantastic bathrooms. Nice big decks that overlooked the grounds….and spectacular sunsets! The food was great….we didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. They had a different theme each night, including a “Mexican Fiesta” with entertainment. Every night there was a show too, some that required guest participation! Just a lot of fun.

Because of the time of the year, the resort was only 30% occupied, which was really nice because nowhere was really crowded at any time. We found a great spot around the pool and had no trouble getting it each day. They also had waiters that walked around taking drink orders…..which was very convenient… never had to move off your chair or out of the pool. We did one trip to the local market and into town to shop for gifts for our kids and t-shirts (Corona!), of course! Other than that the whole week was spent pretty well by the pool, reading/sleeping, swimming, tanning, going down the waterslide (!!) participating in the afternoon pool games (volleyball, aerobics etc.) and having a lot of margaritas!

It was so hot that week, we had thunder and lightning just about every night, but it only rained one night…..a torrential downpour that lasted about 10 minutes and was gone as quickly as it came…..

We met another couple that was from here who were down there celebrating her birthday, which was the same day as Ken’s! We spent a few evenings with them in the “disco”, which was in the huge palapa out over the water at one end of the resort. This disco was lots of fun. There was a live band (the two singers are in the picture with the Oct 6 birthday people) that played all different kinds of music….it was loud, but not so crazy loud that you couldn’t talk. They’d start every night off with the “club dances”, which was like Mexican line dancing. We’d all be up on the floor. There were drinks galore….the waiters would come around with trays of shooters….often!

The day we were leaving, we’d checked out of our room and had headed down to the pool to sit around for an hour or two to wait for our shuttle to the airport. My BIL came down and said they weren’t leaving….ha ha ha…..and neither were we! As it turned out, there was a hurricane somewhere that had grounded one of the tour companies planes…..OUR plane! We got to check back in for the night….they’d already taken our luggage back to the room. So as a result we also got to spend BIL and SIL’s anniversary down there too! That was a nice surprise!

I think this was the first holiday that we’d all been on together, at least since we’d all had kids and didn’t involve camping!

That was definitely one of the best birthdays ever…..



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