A Nice Surprise….

…..or maybe not! After our day of painting Bev and I went for Chinese buffet. While I was getting ready, I thought I’d better get some laundry thrown in if I was going to have clean clothes to wear to work today…….and then I remembered that I had today off!

So that was a nice surprise…..how on earth could I have forgotten that? A bit scary, no? What else have I forgotten? Oh well, the main thing is I remembered BEFORE I got at up at 5:30 this morning.

Painting railings is a gruelling, tedious job. There are so many places to paint….all the spindles, the bit under the railing, the bits on bases….turn this way, turn that way, sit on the floor for this part, stand up for that and lean over at the end that can’t be reached from the stairs……everything is aching this morning…..and I still have one more coat to go! But it is so worth it……they look so much brighter already.

Thank you Bev for all your help!

I can’t remember when those railings were last painted…..probably 10 or 15 years ago, just before we had the hardwood floors put in. They had yellowed so much, but it wasn’t until I painted the new riser WHITE, that I really noticed.

First coat on, one more to go!

First coat on, one more to go!

We put that railing up 25+ years ago when we did our first major house reno. Took down the old wrought iron ones……which would now be back in style….and put up the wooden railing. All the spindles and newel posts were just unfinished wood, so everything had to be painted. Ken rigged up a thing in our carport to spray them all. He drove a nail into the end of each spindle, and with string, hung them from a board….that made it really easy to spray each one with the primer and then the first coat of paint. The second coat was put on after it was all together. What a lot of work those railing were……we half assembled them, or as much as we could assemble them, and then got them up and into place to put the top railing on. Each spindle had to be checked to make sure they were perfectly straight, then the final screws into the top and bottom pieces. It was all worth it in the end. He did most of the work or course, but he did a great job…..they still look really good.

As for this morning, before I get back to painting, I’m going to get my hair cut….maybe I’ll get that grey out too….if she has time. That will be my something for ME today. If I was finished all this painting I would have had a manicure too! I haven’t had my hair cut since before Ken went into the hospital back in February! I’m starting to look like a hippy. It’s gotten so long I can actually put it up. Long, thin, grey hair just doesn’t work for me though…..especially hair that gets frizzie as soon as there is a drop of rain.

I’m also going to get the deck cleaned off…..chair cushions put away, table moved under cover etc. Since everything is aching already I might as well get that done and over with…..I think we’ve seen the last of our summer now….ah sigh. Definitely not looking forward to dark mornings and dull, rainy days. I hope the weather at least stays sunny….it just makes me feel so much better.



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