Those Stairs…and Phone Calls

I know….how boring am I? But this is what’s keeping me occupied….keeping my mind occupied. It’s like being on a mission, of sorts.

those tricky corner steps....

those tricky corner steps….

The tricky bullnose cuts were done perfectly by my BIL. They will be ready for staining very soon. It’s a slow process but I know they’re going to look great in the end….patience, definitely patience is needed for a project like this. I’ve marked where they will be on the stairs and today will take them in to the woodworking place to have the bottoms “milled” just a touch. Three quarter inch bullnoses are apparently made/done here or in North America somewhere, but the actual wood comes from exotic places like Asia or South America and are seven eights or some measurement that is just slightly off…..which causes there to be a little lip….not even a millimetre but just enough that you can feel it.

The guy in the wood place showed me how to set up the table saw to do the milling but then offered to do it for me… I took him up on that!

While they’re in there I will use my markings to figure out how to lay the rest of the wood on those corners over the next couple of days while they’re doing the milling.

"test driving" our work....

“test driving” our work….

A good part of my evening last night was spent on the phone. I had great chats with a couple friends that I hadn’t talked to for while. It was good to catch up.

It made me think about a couple other people that I haven’t heard from, which surprises me a bit….I will have to call them because I’m sure they just don’t know what to say. I’ve put them on my to do list.

I also thought about all those “old” friends that came to the CofL…..the ones we hadn’t seen in ages. We had all just sort of drifted off in different directions, no other reason. We’d see them the odd time at a Christmas party or call each other on milestone birthdays….but that was about it. Yes, they said, we definitely need to get in touch….we’ll plan this or that…get so and so together etc. etc. but you really know that won’t happen…’s just what people think at times like that. There is nothing stopping me, of course, from getting in touch with them either. I know there are some birthdays coming up, so maybe that’s a good opportunity to make a call or two….I’ll add them to the list too.

It’s never a bad thing to know lots of people! These people were our friends, not just Ken’s or not just mine. We had a lot of good times together and did some pretty crazy things back in “those” days……lots of good memories!


PS Eye is still pretty puffy this AM, but looks better than yesterday.


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