Slept Great!

I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months! I feel great this morning…..a lot gets accomplished on days like this.

And it’s beautiful again this morning. It’s a little chilly yet to sit out on the deck with my coffee since the sun is lower now and still behind the trees next door. It’s warming up quickly though and supposed to hit the high 20’s (75ish F) this afternoon…I love it!

I don’t like the end of summer very much…..I love the summer and warm, sunny weather and the many hours of daylight. Darkness is depressing to me, so I worry a little about winter coming up so quickly……I really need to refocus, move on, before it gets here. There are still some tough dates this winter to get through for the first time without Ken….his birthday, kid’s birthdays, Christmas…..I will just deal with them as they come along I guess….not much else I can do.

More stair work today! Hopefully we’ll get everything cut and ready to go and I can start my staining project tonight… exciting is that for a Saturday night?!

It is exciting….really. How things change………..



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