Lots of Tools

After the stairs are done I think I’m going to have to find another DYI project….one that I can do on my own. It can’t be too big for starters, so I’ll have to think about what it could be.

I have a lot of tools and I think they need to be used. Today we found the shop-vac, so along with saws, work tables, more screw drivers than anyone would ever need, electric drills, a dremel (used for grinding, buffing, sanding etc.) 3, yes 3….tile cutters and goodness knows what else, I’m all set…..to do something!

I’ll probably have to buy new bullnoses for the stairs….ah sigh. The colour is just too different. I’m off to our local wood place and will get some samples on one of the unfinished pieces that I have laying around. I can then have a good look in the light at home to see which stain is going to be the best.

I won’t get to use any of the tools, but the plan is to buy unfinished ones and just stain them myself. I have the rest of the week to get this done and get the two coats of varathane on by the weekend. We can use the already sized and cut ones to work from, so will be much quicker than having to re-measure all over again…although I will just to be safe. What a waste of money but it has to be done….they’re just too different and I know it would bug me to no end….it would have really bugged Ken! I may end up having to cut them myself, which I know I can do now, so that’s OK.

I think Ken would be quite impressed! He had much more patience than I did and was quite meticulous about getting things right….it was really hard for him to watch someone else doing something that he would have done. I hope I have learned something from all those DYI jobs we did over the years. I don’t have anyone to take over now if I mess something up, so I will have to be very patient. Even with the staining…..I have done that or at least started on a staining job or two…but it drove Ken crazy watching me do it and eventually, like painting, he’d take over. I never minded really and it wasn’t that I couldn’t do it or wasn’t doing it right….he just couldn’t NOT do it himself…..he had patience while HE was doing it, but not so much if someone else was.

It was like letting our son cut grass……if Ken had been a nail biter, I think they would have been chewed down to the quick. Besides not doing it himself, he was always worried someone would get hurt….he would have hated that. Whenever Craig hauled out the lawnmower, Ken would always say “you could cut your foot off so be careful”. Hammering made him really nervous. We laughed about all that last night at dinner…..all the times someone did get hurt, be it a hammered thumb, pinched finger or a sliver….Ken would just make that aghhh sound and shake his head. He never said “I told you so” but you knew he was thinking it. The kids would spend a lot of time watching him and now they’re both pretty good at their own DYI projects, so even though they may not have gotten a lot of hands on experience, they did learn a thing or two from him….and so did I…that‘s good!



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