Stairs are Moving Along

I’m so happy about this!

BIL and I had a good day working on them. Three down, eleven more to go!

looking good so far!

looking good so far!

I’m a little disappointed with the stain on the bullnoses….they looked great in the shop. I even walked all around getting a good look from all angles, but once home and in the different light, they just aren’t quite working the way I would like. I’ll give the guy a call today and see if he has any suggestions….maybe darkening the stain at bit more, don’t know.

We’re “dry” fitting them all before we start nailing and gluing. I’m going to take them all off and number each piece and also each stair. All the cuts are just a little different so very important to make sure they all end up on the right stairs!

I did use the saws…..and felt pretty comfortable with them. Not quite as scary as I thought it would be. We were going to rent a table saw from HD, but when I went to get the workmate out of the shed…low and behold, there was a table saw sitting right on top of it….who knew!! I really do have to get in there and have a better look around.

I’m just happy that we’re making progress. I think it will go quicker now that we’ve got the hang of everything. The tricky corner steps will be saved for last, after we have a bit more experience with the tricky cuts. BIL is coming over today to do more of the cutting….and I’m kind of disappointed that I won’t be here to do some myself!! But I will then have all the nailing/gluing to do so at least I feel like I’m contributing to labour side of this.

Now that I know how to use the saw(s)……there is no end to what I’ll be able to do!! Measure twice, cut once…..patience is definitely needed.

My son caught a nice big salmon yesterday, so we’re bbqing that for dinner tonight. Ken loved fishing….there were many, many fishing trips with “the guys” way back when. He’d get up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning and they’d be gone all day. I don’t remember them catching too many fish, but I know they had a great time because there wasn’t a lot that could get Ken up at that time of the morning . Once everyone started having kids, the fishing trips didn’t happen very often, which is too bad because I know they all enjoyed it. There’s a lot of fishing gear….rods of all different kinds, a couple of nets and a couple of tackle boxes… the shed along with the tools. I hope my son can use it or find someone to give it all too.

Fishing trip (1990) with the kids - in the rain!

Fishing trip (1990) with the kids – in the rain!

Fishing is not my thing….I remember once, pre-kid days, a whole bunch of us had gone to a lake and rented these very rustic cabins…no power, no water…so pretty much camping, for a fishing derby of some sort. Each couple had a rented row boat…..I learned how to row that weekend! I would not touch worms….I hated the things and still do….so Ken bought me a jar of fish eggs (roe) to use instead which was a good thing (I was a Princess even back then….). At some point his can of worms tipped over and they were all over the bottom of the boat….I thought I was going to die!! Ken managed to scoop most of them back up and we carried on with the odd one still floating around in the pools of water in the boat….yuck. We each caught a trout, not big enough to win, but good enough. Ken cleaned them and then battered them in beer and pancake mix and cooked them over the campfire. Good memories of the fun times we had….those were the days!



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