Throwback Thursdays

1982 Camping at the lake with Rob and Lynn

1982 Camping at the lake with Rob and Lynn

Our old camping days…..this was taken 32 years ago! More often than not we seemed to be camping in the rain or cold even though it was summer. But living on the “wet coast” it was what it was. We packed everything from bathing suits to winter coats….you just never knew, no matter what the weatherman predicted.

We had great camping trips, usually with family or friends. One summer I think we took off just about every weekend. We’re lucky to have some great spots within an hour or so from home.

We were pretty well equipped to deal with whatever weather came our way. I only remember once ever packing up and coming home because of it being too bad. Getting the tarps up over the tables and as close to the fire pit as possible…and in tenting days, over the tent, was always the first job.

We’d go on hikes during the day and “look for bears”. The kids always wanted to see one….we never did while we were camping. We did have elk, deer and the odd skunk traipse through our campsites but that was the extent of our wildlife visitors. Our kids would play in the forest and climb the trees between the campsites. Every evening there was always a Ranger somewhere giving a talk about something…we went to all those. Once the kids were a little older we’d take their bikes and off they’d go.

And the food! Enough was packed to feed a small army but we very rarely came home with anything left….camping makes you hungry! We had certain things that we always had at least one night. Steaks done on the grill and potatoes wrapped in foil and thrown in the fire. “Camping spaghetti” was a fav and easy to make. Coffee made in one of those old metal purcolators was the best. One year there were 5 or 6 couples and all our kids, over on the island, dinners on that trip were feasts! Fresh crab or whatever else was available. We definitely ate good…..and of course had our fair share of drinks too!

Ken could always make the best campfires…even in the rain. Roasted marshallows on sticks, that the kids had collected, many burnt lips and fingers with those. And, even if we’d all eaten until we couldn’t move just an hour or two before, the weinies always appeared at some point during the evening and were roasted over the fire too. We’d sit around the fire at night and tell stories or talk about other camping trips. We played games or cards at the table by the light of our propane lamps…..and of course we shared all this with the mosquitoes! We’d watch for falling stars…the sky at night was amazing…you just didn’t see them in the city.

We camped down the Oregon coast at some of the best campsites ever, right on the ocean. Long walks on the beach looking for shells, sand dollars and whatever else the tide had washed up over night. Dune buggy rides and even horses a couple of times.

Back in those days we couldn’t afford to go on expensive holidays so camping was what we did…..I think I probably complained and whined A LOT about a lot of things (sand and dirt in the van or trailer was the worst!) but we did have a good time. The kids still talk about our camping trips…I like that. Both of them still go camping. The grandkids love it too.

Good memories…..really good memories!



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