Beware of Painter!

I did pick up the primer but they were out of the paint that I needed. HD employee was very helpful as usual and he didn’t laugh at any of questions or scratch his head….I think that is a good sign! He did call and confirm that another HD, that is close to where I work, has the paint in stock so I’ll go and get it after work today.

My problem is having the room to do it. I was too lazy to get the workmate out but really, that would have only held 3 of the risers anyway and taken up room that I already don’t have to move around in.

the first 6 risers primed

the first 6 risers primed

He said I’d need at least two coats of the paint to get the tough finish that I’ll need, so I’ll get the first coat on these tonight, second tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll get them all done before my BIL is back next Tuesday, but at least we’ll have some to work with to start.

I’m also going to stop at the mall…again….on the way home to find a belt and scarf/shawl to go the with bottom part of the dress. I’ll take it with me to see what goes best with it….there are so many colours it shouldn’t be hard to find one that works. I will have to do the “reworking” of the top of the dress at some point too….probably midnight on Friday!

bottom part of the dress...I thought it looked Indian-ish and I love all the colours.....

bottom part of the dress…I thought it looked Indian-ish and I love all the colours…..

I was thinking last night as I was painting how much faster these jobs went when there were two people doing them! With painting, Ken would have taken over after the first riser and I could have been working on my dress! Sometimes I get mad at him, which of course is really silly….but it does happen and I can’t help it! I think he should be here helping me and then I start to think again of why him, why us, why ME…..he should be doing the stairs, not his brother! He should be here doing the painting, not ME! It is all about ME now so I’m hoping it’s OK, or normal, to think this way.

He also did all the clean up of the paint and rollers……I will leave more time for that tonight. And contrary to what they say….water based paint does NOT simply come off of your hands and arms with just soap and water….definitely some scrubbing involved and there is still paint stuck here and there…oh well!

The good news is, I guess, that I didn’t get it all over the my laundry room!



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