Great Party!

Had lots of fun last night! Lots of food and drinks of course. It was a beautiful night and no mosquitos either, which made it even better!

Talked to some people about their trip to Peru and the Galapagos islands…..was on my bucket list before but I think I might have to move it up in priority a little bit…..fantastic trip to fantastic places…

More stair work today! Off to get the risers done. Our local wood place will cut them to size for us for each stair, which is really good so we won’t be adding to my dust collection. But I will have to paint them all, which is OK. They’re just going to be white and I can get them all done in the evenings over the next week. The bullnoses will be done by the end of the week too, so once BIL gets back from their long weekend away, we can start putting it all together!

Once the stairs are done, I can get going on the kitchen. I have so many ideas now thanks to this website or maybe NOT thanks to it…..what started out as lights and getting new cabinet doors is slowly morphing into something a little bigger….I really need to put the brakes on. I have a reno budget and I really have to stick with it, if I want to get all the things I want to do done. Ken was very good about sticking to budgets and plans…, not so much, so I have to be really careful now without him to keep me on track.

I did think I was going to wait until after I retired to get some of this done….I’d be home so easy to get people in whenever as opposed to leaving a key with a neighbour etc., but now I think I want it all done before then. Then next spring I can concentrate on outside stuff and getting that all organized.

I’ll probably leave some of the painting until after…..I can’t even remember the last time we painted anything other than the bedroom when it was redone about 5 years ago. Ceilings need doing and all the baseboards could use a touch up. I’ll probably have to do the kitchen sooner though as I’m assuming some mess after the old light over the table comes out and the new pot lights go in.

In between painting the risers this week I have to do some planning for the “retirement party” for our friend next week. It’s just going to be all appy and finger food stuff, so not too much to do. Everyone will bring something, which means we’ll have a ton of food as usual. It will be good to have party here again…..I have missed doing things like this so much. I’ll just have to keep on top of the dust….fingers are crossed that I’ll see the end of it soon. There is less on the dining room table this morning, so that’s a good thing.



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