Throwback Thursdays

I follow a couple of other blogs and having a “throwback” post for Thursdays seems to be the latest thing everyone is doing.

It’s kind of fun to see old pics of people and places, so I thought I might as well get into it too.

Happy Hour at "Life's a Beach"    Maui 2003

Happy Hour at “Life’s a Beach” Maui 2003

It’s not the best picture but I love it…’s only from about 10 years ago in Hawaii….not sure if that old enough really for a “throwback” Thursday. He looks so good! So relaxed and content.

I don’t know if “Life’s a Beach” is still there but we spent quite a few happy hours in that place….figuratively and literally. It was right across the road from the beach and a great place to watch the sunsets.

Our daughter was with us on this trip, as well as one of his brothers and sisters-in-law AND his Mom and aunt (77 and 80 yrs old!) We had a great trip. His aunt had never been to Hawaii, so we did a lot of “touristy” things that we hadn’t done for a while, including a luau.

Life was good back then….who knew what was in store for us later!

I hope it is still there. I’d like to go back, with the kids and his brothers, when we go in April for a drink and to have a toast to the good times we spent there.



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