More Crossed Off The List…

But it’s not getting any smaller…..

Honestly the more I cross off, the more stuff I come across to do! I am still avoiding the “stuff” though.

I’m still finding it so hard to stay focused on one thing….getting sidetracked is really easy. And more often than not, I’m leaving a bigger mess than what I started with!

The worst part of all this is that most of what I’ve done isn’t the stuff that I really need to do. Yesterday, I was putting my golf clubs away (from last Sunday!) and ended up cleaning out the storage area under the stairs! Who looks in there besides me?? I pulled out 3 more old suitcases that I will load up with the “stuff” and reorganized what was left in there, so now there’s lots of room (for more junk??). The suitcases though are now sitting in the middle of the TV room downstairs! Maybe that will give me some incentive to get going on that task.

I washed comforters and hung them outside…I love the smell, so will hopefully sleep good tonight. And I washed floors…and blinds. All these things should be just part of normal housekeeping but I really have to make the effort to do it. It would be so easy to just do nothing, but for me it’s much better to be busy doing things…..anything…that can keep my mind occupied.

I have finally gotten all the bags of pictures and other stuff cleaned out of my dining room….it just got moved into the spare room, but at least it’s not still sitting beside the table. Out of sight, out of mind….for now.

And while I was busy doing all this, a young guy comes by and wants to know if I need my windows cleaned! Yes, I did. So after a bit of dickering over the price I now have clean outside windows….so now I’ll have to get the inside of them done….one of these days….doing that wasn’t even on my list!

The things on the list that I seem to be avoiding is Ken’s “stuff” and all the paper work that has accumulated. Some I’ve managed to sort through, but have then just stuck it all back in the box it came out of, just in a bit better order….but I keep adding to it! I at least don’t have the piles sitting on the counter anymore.

As I go through my list of things to do, I am finding it absolutely incredible all the things that did not get done over the last few years…..I knew we’d let things go, but I really did lose track of time and when was the last time we or I did this or that….I just don’t know and it wasn’t important at all back then.

I’ve added outside things to the list too. How could I not have noticed all the grass and weeds growing in the driveway and along the edges? I’ll have to head to Home Depot (lucky them!!) to find out what I can use to get rid of that. And the moss…..when did that start to take over part of it….I’d say quite awhile ago by the look of it! The fence at the side of the house is falling down….I think it’s tree roots that have cracked, or whatever, the concrete that the posts were set into.

The list just grows and grows. I know it all won’t get done and one day I’ll try and prioritize all the stuff on it.

Ken’s brothers and their wives are coming for dinner tonight. We’re going to work out dates for our trip to Hawaii next April. I’m hoping that will only take a few minutes and then we can just sit and chat and have a good time for the rest of the evening. We’ve not all been together since Ken’s C of L so it will be good to catch up on everything. AND it will be good to have company for dinner again.

The weather is great again today, so BBQing is what we’ll be doing. I guess I will be the BBQer…..that was always Ken’s job way back when…..

I’m also having company tomorrow night for dinner too… brother and SIL and my good friends N & S.

These are good, easy groups of people to start with, I think, for getting back into doing some entertaining. I miss that so much and the only way it’s going to happen is by me making it happen!

My house is reasonably clean so I feel like I can do this again…..I just hope nobody opens the door to the spare room!! I might be ready to get my cleaning lady back too….maybe only every second week now. That also helps me to make sure everything gets put back in it’s right place, so I’m not running around like crazy and hour before she arrives putting everything away!

I’m glad I’m on holidays now……how things can change overnight!!



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