Dear Diary…..

Because…….that’s what this blog sort of is.

I kept a diary when I started high school. I remember getting one from a girlfriend for my birthday that year……it was red with “My Diary” in gold lettering across the front……and it had a lock! I had to buy my own after that and kept them going for at least a few years, pretty well all through high school.

I also remember trying to keep it hidden from my Mom!!

Life seemed so complicated in those days….all those hormonal type emotions…..happy, sad, laughing, crying….all could happen within the span of 5 minutes!! You just have no idea at that age what real issues could face you years down the road.

I don’t know whatever happened to all those diaries….hmmm. It would be interesting now to read through them and see how I changed, how my thoughts changed, how I matured, from the beginning of high school through to graduation….

I guess blogging is kind of a diary. It will be a log of my thoughts and how my life changes over time, what I did….all those “after tasks”. How I coped with everything.

I’ve always kept journals of our vacations….that started years ago when I was going through pictures and couldn’t remember where some of them were taken…and that was only a couple weeks after the vacation!!. Over the years, on each trip, I started adding more daily details and really enjoyed writing them down at the end of each day…recapping what we had done, where we had gone, what we had seen…it was a log of our trip. I’d keep various receipts, tickets, a coaster from a restaurant etc. in the journal too. I have, over the years, gone back and read through them and it’s amazing the little things that you forget about your vacations a few years later.

I don’t know if anyone else will ever read through those journals, or who would possibly even want too, but it doesn’t really matter does it. It’s the fun of just writing them at the time I think that is the best part.

What I do think is strange now though, is the fact that I tried to keep my diaries hidden way back when because I didn’t want anyone to know what I was thinking, or heaven forbid, what I had been doing!! Thank goodness Facebook didn’t exist when I was a teenager!! But now, here I am blogging, for all the world to read about probably the worst time of my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever read back through all the posts, but then again maybe I will. Just how did I manage to get through this? I wonder if, after a while, I’ll really remember how I felt from one day to the next, one HOUR to the next ….because that is what it’s like. Good memories, bad memories, anger, envy, sadness……ups and downs constantly…….so hard to explain unless you’ve been there.



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