Carpet – Part 2

The disgusting carpet!

The disgusting carpet!

What a lot of work that was!!

Over the years when we’ve ripped out carpet, my job was always getting those strips of wood with the pokey things off and all the left over staples out or hammering them in from the underlay, so I’m experienced with that. But actually ripping the carpet up was tough on my back and arms and legs and hands…….who knew that when they put carpet on steps that they used 25 times as many of those staples and these other mega staple things! Most of the staples came out pretty easily but some not so….

Halfway done

Halfway done

When we had to do the floors in the living/dining room ALL the staples had to come out….hammering them in wasn’t good enough because of the hardwood going in….I spent a couple of days that time finding all the staples. I started using one of Ken’s screw drivers…..which apparently was a no no….he did find me another one that wasn’t as important I guess and I continued on my merry way. Well I couldn’t find that screw driver but I did find that ONE that I wasn’t supposed to use and I did use it! I think that might be why it’s raining today……..hmmmm.

The first couple of steps were no problem….they seemed to have cut pieces just big enough for those steps then…….I come to the third one and it’s all connected… long piece with, I swear, a 1000 staples on each tread.

That tricky corner!

That tricky corner!

But it’s done now….at least this part. I hope it doesn’t take me forever now to get to the next part, which will be finding the product that is already stained close to the rest of the flooring we have……and of course getting it in!

Hopefully what the finished job will look like!

Hopefully what the finished job will look like!

Loading all the old carpet, underlay and wood bits in the truck proved rather exciting too! I decided that if I was going to the dump I might as well get rid of some other junk that had been accumulating under our deck. Old indoor/outdoor carpet, a trellis, a box of wood bits from something, the old cat scratch post/tree etc. Well, did I open a wasps nest or what…..literally! I don’t know what exactly they were in, but they were everywhere. Buzzing around under the deck and then I noticed them buzzing around the truck! Hundreds of them! Ken was the expert that dealing with these things…..NOT ME!

I knew there were cans of stuff around somewhere so the hunt was on. I found two different kinds of sprays….one is kind of bomb thing that you shoot into the nest and the other was just spray that supposedly kills them on contact. I used that one and sprayed everything under the deck and the ones swarming around the truck. I’m lucky I didn’t get stung! I did check later and didn’t see any or maybe just one or two, so hopefully that did the trick! This just shouldn’t have been my job to deal with!! But now, who else but me would do this?? The things we have to learn or do that just never would have been on my “need to know” before……..

I guess, it’s not a bad thing, but really………



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