Fun Night!

the QI almost felt like a teenager again!

The concert was great, albeit a bit loud… ears are still ringing!

They played a lot of the songs that I knew….I’m bad for remembering the names of songs….but I’ll always know a song once I hear it.

What an eclectic combo of people….young and old. Lots of good people watching for sure.

A couple of songs brought those thoughts to the front of my mind, but luckily I pushed them back. Finally at the end when he sang “We Are The Champions” that did make the tears well up.

That song was one of Ken’s favs….not just because Queen sang it, but because it was also the song that was always played during the hockey playoffs….when our team made it to the playoffs of course….

Over the years we’d been known to turn down invitations if it was playoff season or arrive at places terribly late because we had to watch the rest of the hockey game. Hockey night always meant wearing one of the team t-shirts or sweaters, of which he had many. Those used to be the only nights that eating dinner in front of the TV was allowed!

We scooped a good deal on a parking spot last night too! It’s one of those parking lots that you key in you parking spot number and buy the time you need for that spot. Just as we were going to park some guy, that had just came out of the football game that ended next door, had a ticket that was good until 1AM! Bonus….he’d paid $30 but gave it to us to use for $10. Linds and Diana got out and followed him to his spot while I tried to get out of the spot that we’d just pulled into….they stood in the spot so no one else would take it…lol.

When the concert was over we met back at the car and while waiting for some of the lot to empty out we sat there looking at the pics we’d taken…Diane and I even did a selfie!! It was fun!

Fun is good!



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