Trip Planning is Done!

This all started about a month ago when my friends thought a trip would be good for me! I met them for dinner the other night and we’re all set now. Finally decided on the best flights, which we booked yesterday.

I’m really quite excited now and it’s so nice to have something really exciting to look forward too. It’s a tour, which is not something Ken and I had ever really done before, but this time, because it’s just us girls going and the area that we’re going to, we thought that was really the only way to go. So…..another new experience.

It’s still a few months away but this will keep me busy now….more reading to do, picking up a few new things to wear etc….I think I definitely need some new sandals! Eventhough I don’t have Ken to yap at about it here…..I’m still feeling really good about it right now……this is a ME thing. He could never understand how I could read everything I could get my hands on about where we were going… him it was the element of surprise or seeing something that you didn’t expect to see. His theory was “I’ll see it all when I get there”. I, on the other hand, have to know all about wherever….I know I can’t see it all, but I would hate to know that I was only a few miles away from SOMETHING….and miss it because I didn’t know it was there!!

I was little worried about not having Ken to plan the trip with but it’s a little easier since I’m thinking of it as a “girls trip” seen it is just the girls going. So no couples….which will definitely make it easier while we’re away……I think that’s a good thing for my first trip on my own! Slowly work my way into the new normal.

My friends are sisters, so they will be the ones sharing rooms…..I will be on my own, sort of that 3rd person thing, but at least it’s just us girls. So, yet another part of the new normal, depending on who and how I travel in the future, is the world of “single supplements”….those extra dollars they charge when you….just you as a single, book a tour or a cruise….not terribly fair really but it is what it is I guess. Just not something I had ever had to think about before!! But I know now……..

If anyone is interested, here is a link to the trip… was on our bucket list, or at least part of it was…..



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