Keeping Busy is Good

Yesterday was a little rough for me….I thought Father’s Day would just be a regular old Sunday, but it wasn’t, really. Since I was productive at work and seemed to have more energy this weekend, I made a list, quite a long one too, of things that needed doing around here. I surprised myself by getting most of them done! Hooray!

Most of the things weren’t terribly important or tough things to do, just regular old housework, but needed doing nonetheless….like light bulb changing…..this last week, it’s been one after the other…..

In the mornings, with my coffee, I go online and check my email, a couple blogs that I follow, Smart Patients to see what’s going on there and Facebook. Today I spent very little time on FB…..too many Father’s Day wishes…just too many. They made me tear up a lot. Writing the blog post yesterday started me off and I had gone to that Celebration of Life on Saturday, which was hard too. Then FB just did me in yesterday!!

But….it also got me up and moving. I knew if I sat at the laptop and kept reading I would end up in one of those funks….I didn’t want that to happen…..I really had to make the effort though. It would have been pretty easy to just crawl back into bed. Once I got going, I kept going!

I started by taking down my coffee table shrine today…..yes it was still there, minus the flowers. My living room is back to looking normal again and that makes me feel better. Only one orchid is left, which is still beautiful. The ashes, cards, pictures etc. are in a box in the spare room, sort of out of sight, out of mind. I think I needed to do that.

I did some laundry and needed hangers…..I started taking a few things out of Ken’s closet…..just a few so I could use those hangers. I will dig out one of the old suitcases and fill it up over the next few days, or maybe weeks, and either give it to my daughter-in-law to take to work or drop it off at the Value Village…..kill two birds with one stone….I don’t need those big old suitcases…..we had just bought new ones a year or so ago. I hesitated to do it at first, but it’s got to be done at some point, doesn’t it! It was hard to do…really, really hard. I probably should have done more but just a few things was a good start. I only took stuff that I knew he hadn’t worn for a long time, mostly golf shirts that had become way too big for him. I couldn’t do the casual shirts though….especially the cotton ones or his Hawaii shirts….he liked to wear those on holidays to warm places because they could “breath”. I don’t know if doing it bit by bit will work but I guess I’ll see next time I start doing it again.

The other stuff was just regular housework, dusting, vacuuming, changing beds etc. but I did it! A year or two ago I had finally got a cleaning lady to come once a week to do the basic tidying and cleaning because I was just too tired….I had enough stuff to keep me busy back then and housework just wasn’t a priority but it had to be done and she made that happen.

It had been a long time since I’d done all those weekend chores. What seems like a long time ago now, we’d get them done early in the morning….Ken’s job was the vacuuming….then we’d have the rest of the morning and day to do whatever we had planned. Yesterday it kept me busy and I needed that!

I went out to dinner with some friends, which was fun and good for a few laughs….it was good way to end the day!



2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy is Good

  1. I haven’t established much of a routine since Gerry died except for two things which I do quite religiously. The first is to read from my book of Meditations (I have mentioned it before). The second is to take a look and see what you’ve posted. Linda. I see myself in so much that you’re going through. Thank you for helping me see that I’m not crazy or a lunatic. Or maybe we both are???

    I just spent about 1/2 hour writing a long and rambling reply to this posting of yours. I whined, complained, and vented. Then, after reading it, I decided that it would be best if I just deleted it. And decided that the long over-due glass of wine with you really has to be planned. Soon.

    You will slowly get the closet emptied. It may take months to get everything distributed. Maybe even years. I know that I am keeping a few of Gerry’s favourite shirts. While cleaning the bathroom yesterday in anticipation of moving next month (now THAT’S a long story) I came across his aftershave. A quick sniff of that brought me to my knees.

    We gradually move forward, take a few steps back, and then move forward again. It’s not a race.

    Thinking of you daily,

    • I’m glad this is helping Bonny….and your comments help me a lot too, thank you!. Just knowing that we are thinking the same things and I do think we might be a little crazy but that’s allowed…how else could we manage to get through this? It is the smells that really get me….like the aftershave or the soap that he liked to use…I still have a couple bars hanging around…those will have to go too….I could use it I guess but that would be weird I think…kind of like using his pillow those first few days……

      We definitely need that glass of wine Bonny….

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