Happy Father’s Day!

Another first to get through…..

No plans for today, so it’s really just another day isn’t it. My son will spend it with his family, which is a good thing. I’m sure the kids will have something special for him. They would have something special for Grandpa too, but not this year.

Ken was a good Dad, a really good Dad!

He very rarely got mad so they knew if Dad yelled, they had really pushed his buttons. He hated confrontation or any kind….he usually just had to say a word or two and they knew, they just knew not to say anymore. But I guess we were pretty lucky too in that our kids, certainly as teenagers had their moments, but they never caused us grief. We knew pretty well all their friends and most of their friends parents….which helped a lot. I’m sure they did stuff that we didn’t know about and we’re probably glad we didn’t, but whatever it might have been they didn’t get brought home by the police, there were no late night….wee hours of the morning phone calls, nothing like that. If they weren’t home when we went to bed we always worried of course. If we needed too, we could usually track them down through a friend or their parents….that was a good thing.

For years we only had one TV….I think we were the only house on the block with one TV!! After dinner Ken would hit his end of the couch and usually within 5 minutes both kids were right there beside him or sitting on his knee….I think they were were probably around 10 or 11 and still doing this…he loved it.

He was a stay at home Dad a couple of times when the kids were small. They loved it! He wouldn’t think twice about packing a lunch and taking them, along with some of their friends, to beach for the afternoon. Sometimes they’d pick me up after work with a picnic packed and we’d head to the beach or a park for dinner. I remember one time I walked in the door after work and something smelled really good….I asked what was for dinner…”it’s a surprise….go change, we’re going to the beach for dinner”…..he had made homemade fried chicken!! It was really good.

There were countless soccer, softball and baseball games, rain or shine, he was always there…even coached a time or two. Camping trips….they learned how to make good campfires and roast marshmallows. We’d go on Sunday drives….adventures really with no specific destination in mind. Walks on the dykes….we’d watch the otters and beavers in the water, lots of birds and the odd bear or deer…..where else would you find someone taking their donkey for a walk!! The kids always remembered that!

He taught them to ride bikes, to drive cars, to use tools, to fix things and most important, to be responsible kids and adults. He taught them all this just by being who he was…..they learned by example.

This year there will be no new car or sport team t-shirt, or mug with kids pictures on them, no BBQ, no cards. How sad…..now it’s just another Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day Ken….we love you and miss you so much!



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