Thanking Everyone

I know how to thank all those that sent flowers and made donations …..there is still the odd card coming in. I really need to get my thank you cards out soon.

But how do you thank everyone else that was so kind, so helpful and just there for you?

Helped keep me together?

How do you thank everyone that has helped me get through the last month or so, or months…..when he was in hospital? The lunches, the dinners, a freezer and fridge full of food, a glass of wine when I needed it.

Everyone that helped put the Celebration of Life together….my brother, our kids, my brother-in-law?

What can I do to thank them? What would be appropriate? I know they don’t expect anything but I feel like I need to do something to say thank you. I couldn’t have managed without having them.

How do I thank my neighbours that got the old BBQ off my deck, the “fairy god-neighbour” that put my garbage and recycle bins away so many times?

What would be appropriate for showing my thanks to all these people? A “party” doesn’t seem like the right thing to do……and how would you only invite some people and not others. A special thank you card just for them or a bottle of wine or whatever doesn’t seem like much…. Maybe taking them out for dinner, not all at the same time of course….I don’t know.

What does everyone else do? Do you do anything for these people?



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