Busy Weekend

Our trip to the dump yesterday was good. One load down and a few more to go!

The pool party was lots of fun as usual. Lots of food, lots of laughs and lots of wine, of course. I didn’t win any of the quarters though so will have to practice my pool shots for next year.

One of the fun things is always the husbands giving wives advice on where to hit the ball, which ball to hit….inevitably the shot doesn’t work out and that “fun squabble” about women not listening and men thinking they know everything….all the girls groaning when one of the guys says something and then the threats of where they’ll be sleeping later….just all that fun stuff.

It was OK though…I really did have a lot of fun but a couple times I did find that those tears were very close to the surface and could have came on in a second. That will happen a lot from now on.

Yesterday while Bev and I were waiting in line at the dump, we started talking about my brother-in-laws picking up the Grandpa thing for our grandkids. I remember the day of the Celebration and we were all at my SIL’s place….the little kids were all playing in the backyard. My BIL was pushing our little guy on the swing…..that was so hard to watch because I know Ken would have been down there in a second doing exactly that. Bev and I talked about that….we both cried. There are so many things that are hard but that is one of the worst for me….I hope my BIL’s step up to the plate….I’m sure they will but they just won’t be “there” as often as Grandpa would have been.

This afternoon I’m going a Celebration of Life for a friend who passed away a few weeks after Ken. They were friends that we hadn’t seen for a while…..they retired and were off to Mexico and in their motorhome a lot. His wife and have a reconnected and I know what she’s going through this morning in anticipation of today. I’m a little worried about me and how I’ll deal with this….I don’t know. I need to go for her because I know how comforting it was to see everyone that came to Ken’s. That was important to me.

I’m meeting another friend for dinner after, which will be fun and lighten the day.

I do miss my laptop….a lot. The iPad mini with the keyboard (now fully charged) is good but I don’t have things like excel or word on here….or any Apple equivalent that I know of. I’m glad I have the mini keyboard…but I do miss my mouse. This touch screen stuff can be a pain when you just very slightly miss touching what you thought you were going to touch….argh.

I’m posting this without rereading it because I can’t seem to hit the preview button….argh again!!! My brother is going to check out my laptop tomorrow….I hope he can rescue it!



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