Going to the Dump

How exciting is that?

Got a new battery yesterday for the truck….and thanks to my son, it was put in and it runs just fine.  I also have to go and get insurance…..but just a permit, probably for a month.   I have a lot of junk to get rid of and hopefully a month will be enough time.

I’ve only ever been to the dump once.  It’s not really a dump, like the old dumps used to be…..garbage piled skyhigh and stinky as heck….well, yes that parts still the same, the stinky bit.  It’s a big building, huge, really huge…..that you drive into, then back up and shove all the stuff off the back of your truck and a backhoe type thing comes along and scoops it up and into the pile at the back of building.  It’s pretty high tech really….some big crushing machines and all that.  It does stink though….a lot, at first.

Once many years ago, we had a load of junk to take.  Our son was going to go with Ken and at the last minute a better offer came up.   His Dad told him to go ahead and that he’d be fine by himself.

Well, I had never been to the dump in my life.  So I said I’d go and help.   Ken told me I wouldn’t like it there and he probably figured I was going to be more of a pain in the ass than any help.  But I wanted to go….he just shook his head and off we went!

My theory is, how do you know what you like or don’t like until you try it!  I thought I should at least experience it once…..and if it was really that bad, then I could at least say I’d “been there, done that” and never have to do it again.

So off we go. You weigh in, truck and all, dump your junk, and then weigh out.   There are various drop off points, depending on what you are dumping.   Electronic here, empty paint and oil can type stuff over there, wood and green waste in that section etc. and then the big warehouse place for all the rest of the crap.

I remember dropping stuff off at each of those “stations” and turning the corner to head into the big building…..at which point the smell of garbage became overwhelming.  Ken backed in and got out…..I sat there gagging and wretching.   He told me that it would be better if I got out as the smell kind of dissipates outside as opposed to being in the front seat of a truck with the windows rolled UP.

I did finally do that and surprisingly it was much better outside.  I then managed to get in the back of the truck and help unload.   But then I seen that backhoe thing take a pile of someone elses stuff and drive right up that big pile of garbage….almost sideways.   I started to look around at everyone elses garbage….there were old couches (mattresses have their own station), what looked like clothes, pots, pans, carpet, old furniture, dolls, toys….all getting picked up and mishmashed into this bigger pile of garbage…I was fascinated by this backhoe going up and down, loading, unloading and pushing this stuff all around and finally into some big hole that had the crusher in it at the back somewhere.   I had completely forgotten about the smell…..and helping to unload our truck!!   Ken just kept working away while I stood there….I did slide a few things toward the tailgate so he could keep going…..he never said anything as usual and just went about what he’d gone there to do….I really was a Princess, wasn’t I….

I never did go on another dump run…..I tried it once, which was good, but truthfully, as fascinating as it was, it was not something I felt the need to do again.

Now I’m sure you all wanted to know about all this……probably not BUT the important thing is that had I not gone that time, I wouldn’t have know how this all worked!  I would not have known how to load up the truck this time.   I would have just thrown everything in there and drove up to the window, got weighed and then realized that I had to root through the back of the truck to find the stuff that had to be dropped off in different places here and there…..I would not have known that I couldn’t just drive up and dump it all in one place.

So that day….smelly and interesting as it was, who knew that I would learn a valuable lesson that I would need to use today!!

I have organized the truck as Ken would have and will be able to do all the dropping off of bits and things in the right places without some man running over and telling me, not here for this, no not there for that or worse still, go back over there for this and there for that.

Life lessons learned at the dump!  Who would have thought that I would ever need to know them?   Sometimes being a Princess has its disadvantages!

So I guess what I’m saying is never miss the opportunity to do something….as odd or strange as it might be….you just don’t know when you’ll be alone and have to fend for yourself in situations that you would never, in a million years, expect to find yourself in.

I think I’ll make my daughter come with me today……she’s never been to the dump!!




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