Ashes to Diamonds!

Who knew this could be done??

I was thinking about where we would scatter the ashes.  So many places that are possibilities.   I’m not sure if it’s OK to scatter them in different places…..are you supposed to do it all at the same place and same time?

Ken loved Hawaii.   He had a favourite beach on Maui and that is where I would like some of him to go.   Not all, just some….is that OK?   I don’t know yet what to do with the rest.

I started looking into how to transport ashes from point A to point B and various rules and regulations about how and where they can be scattered. I came across this….   What a unique idea!   I’m not a big diamond person but what a great way to remember someone forever.   A nice little pendant or a pair of diamond earrings would be a great thing to have.   Unfortunately, it costs a fortune to have even a small one made, so this won’t likely be happening.  To have a 1 carat diamond made you need only a few grams of the ashes but… a 1 carat diamond would cost $22,000!!   I’m supplying the raw materials here, how could that be?   I don’t need a 1 carat diamond, but even a small one is a little too expensive to me.   I really think they are taking advantage of people in my situation who are possibly thinking with their heart and not their head, which is too bad because the concept is really good!!   Oh well!

I will eventually have to take down the “shrine” on the coffee table and will be faced with the dilemma of where to keep the ashes until I figure out what I’m going to do with them, but for now he’ll just stay where he is.  But I can’t leave him there forever!

I see this shrine everyday…in the morning when I get up, when I get home from work, before I go to bed.  It makes me happy and sad at the same time.   The picture of Ken is great, the ash canister with the hat and sunglasses somehow makes that better too.   The flowers, except for the orchids, are all gone now. 

The first few weeks I felt compelled to look at all the pictures, to watch the video from the Celebration of Life over and over again, to look at my shrine, to look at, feel, touch and even smell his clothes….I don’t know why and would be curious to know if others do or have done the same thing.  I hope that’s not some weird thing.   I initially used his pillow too, but it’s too hard for my liking and I needed my sleep, so have gone back to my pillow.   I’m not sure what I accomplished by doing any of this….why did I feel the need to do it?   It didn’t make me feel good, it actually made me feel worse, sadder, caused more tears….so why would I have done it… odd is that?

I would have liked one of those diamonds and I was tempted, almost.  But sanity has prevailed yet again….I don’t need one of those to remember him.   I have jewelry that he bought for me and I love it.   It’s simple stuff because he knew I wasn’t into flashy, blingy stuff.   My favs are my bracelets from Hawaii that I wear all the time.   I love those bracelets…they were surprises and have always been special.   That’s all I need. 

So I’m sorry you Ashes to Diamonds people, but you won’t be getting my business, I’m afraid.  That’s too bad but for the price you want, considering I am supplying the raw material, it is just too over the top.   We never made rash decisions, we were very conservative and used common sense when making purchases for large amounts of money….and I know that this would have been one that we would have decided against.    So perhaps a locket or something to keep some ashes in will have to do.   Oh well!



2 thoughts on “Ashes to Diamonds!

  1. Linda, the funeral home we used offered to incorporate some of Gerry’s ashes in necklaces. The girls chose to have some made. I believe it cost about$395 each. I think they are more expensive than they need to be – taking advantage of people in a vulnerable state. But definitely less expensive than a $22,000 diamond.

    I wear Gerry’s wedding ring around my neck. I may have it made into a necklace or bracelet – I will let time guide me.

    Time will guide us both.

    • Ken’s wedding ring is really nice….it’s kind of an open geometric type ring. I did think about having it resized, but I’m not into wearing a zillion rings and it won’t fit with my wedding rings. I would have liked one of those diamonds, so I might just research into it a bit more….maybe there is some hobby type guys around that could do it…for a reasonable price of course.

      Yes, time will sort all this out. Knowing me I’ll end up doing nothing but at least it gives me something to think about 🙂


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