Writing the Obituary

Should I be doing this? Who normally does this?  We did it for our parents, so I guess the kids should do it or should I?

The memorial folks gave us samples…pretty basic stuff. Did I want to say more in Ken’s.  Did I want a picture of him on it?  Which picture….so many good ones…definitely would be a bc pic because that’s how everyone needs to remember him.  The good old Ken, not the ac one that was having the life sucked out of him.  He could still be a lot of fun but had lost so much of the vibrancy he once had…the “roll your eyes” jokes were less and less, the laughs were just smiles….yes definitely a pic of the old bc Ken.

 I write it up. The kids think it’s just fine.  Should I add more to it…..like all the stuff he did, mention his old Mustang, his love of cars, beaches, his family….should I go on and on?  Why, they say…..the people that know him, knew he liked all that, we didn’t need to say it in the paper (or online now). 

I do add a blurb though about people remembering some good stories and hoping they would get up and share at the Celebration. I really want people to do that.  I can’t think of everything, or god knows, remember everything…..I know there were lots of stories.

 All those “fishtales”, literally….him and his buddies after that illusive salmon. Camping trips with friends and family when the kids were little….more often than not in the rain.  Ken was a good campfire maker…..rain or shine he could get a rip roaring one going in no time.  Vacations with friends and his brothers….we had lots…there must some story they can tell.  Will people from his work come?  He had lots of stories about them and work…will they have lots of stories about him?

 It’s short and sweet, simple but too the point…all the info anyone needs to know in an obituary is there. The rest they’ll either already know or will find out at the Celebration, if they come.

 Now, it’s so simple to do, you just go online to the newspaper website and put in the obituary yourself. Copy and paste the text, add the picture, let them know which dates you want it in and that’s it.  Easy peasy.  Then you look at the cost to put in 22 lines…..it costs $xxx for so many lines, then $xx for any additional lines (hah! that’s why the columns are so skinny…..that means more lines and more money for the “notice”…..they get you for sure that way…)  Add a pic, another $xxx.  Wow…but he’s worth it, every single dime of the $600.00+ for being in the paper for two days!!

I don’t actually get the papers, so will have make sure someone cuts it out for me. Bev will I know that.

Who am I writing this about…..Ken!! I can’t believe I writing an obituary for Ken!  Everyone will know now…..it IS real.  It has really happened….



2 thoughts on “Writing the Obituary

  1. Yes Linda, I have 2 copies of Ken’s obit – forgot to give them to you yesterday. Not sure if I will be able to “share” memories at Ken’s Celebration of Life, but you can be assured I will be CELEBRATING a life well lived “bc” !

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