One Week Ago Today

my husband of almost 40 years passed away. I am a WIDOW!! OMG…..that is the first time I’ve used that term, in reference to my self.

I’m not terribly good at writing in the sense that I can spell or use punctuation properly, but it’s a great way to get all those thoughts out of your head……and believe me there are many.

I can’t believe a whole week has gone by…..what have I done, what will I do???

I think the best is to go back to the beginning. How did the last 4 years of MY life change? I say MY because now it is just ME. Yes, of course we had children, but they’re grown, have children of their own and have busy lives. They grieve too because they loved their Dad and Grandpa more than anything in the world, but they aren’t really alone are they.



3 thoughts on “One Week Ago Today

  1. How long will it take us, Linda, to think “I” instead of we. How long until we can say “my house” instead of “our house”? How long until we stop walking through the grocery store and thinking only of food that “he” would have liked and would be able to eat? And then put only what we want in the grocery cart.

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